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Coloss winterverlies 2017/2018
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Once again, the Coloss questionnaire is distributed to all European beekeepers in order to study the health of bees, quantify the losses suffered during the winter 2017-2018 and determine possible causes.

In the winter of 2016-2017, losses in Belgium averaged 25.5%, with an average loss rate of 20.9% between COLOSS countries with huge differences (from 7.7% in Norway to 44.5% in Germany). Almost 15,000 beekeepers replied to the questionnaire, the equivalent of about 425,000 beehives!

Some of you already experienced losses, some others did not yet open your hives. The questionnaire will be open for contributions until the 30th of April.

The results will be available on the website of the FAB-BBF (Belgian Beekeeping Federation), Honeybee Valley or CARI.

Thank you all for your participation!

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