In the upcoming months, the following workshop will take place on line...

Dear BeeLife Members,

I am reaching out to inform you about a series of pollinator-related workshops, which are part of a broader consultation that collects expert views and proposals in the context of the revision of the EU Pollinators Initiative. The initiative, adopted in June 2018, was the first-ever EU action framework to tackle the loss of wild pollinators. The Commission’s review of the Initiative in May 2021 showed that the EU actions for pollinators have to be strengthened in order to reverse their decline.

In the upcoming months, the following workshops will take place online:

10 March 2022 - Pollinator Conservation under Climate Change: Challenges, Solutions, and Policy Actions
17 March 2022 - Dark nights: Pollinators and Light Pollution
7 April 2022 - Pollinators & Pesticides (exact title and focus of this workshop tbd.)
21 April 2022 - Conserving biodiversity at local and regional levels: Policy actions for pollinators
March/April 2022 (tbd.) - Pollinators & Industrial Pollution
April/May 2022 (tbd.) - Pollinators & Research

If you are interested and would like to attend & contribute to any of the latter workshops, I can provide you with the person to contact. The list of invitees, will be reviewed by the EC (in order to ensure sufficient and balanced representation of all stakeholder types).

Looking forward to see you tomorrow,

Best regards,